Are you confused about what mattress size you need? Well, end your struggle with the right decision-making, or a new mattress is a sufficient size. The dimension of the mattress should be completely a choice for the sleeper, family members, or partner.

Obviously, there are many sizes of mattresses available in the market, including single, double, king, queen, etc. Whatever size you pick should be good for delivering the maximum comfort and space to sleep. The bed size and the mattress dimension should be appropriate with people sharing and the size of the room.

Here in the blog, we will be talking about which one is better, King Size or Queen Size Mattress. Let you know certain things before investing in any of the mattress sizes.

Queen Size Mattress:

If you are thinking of picking the standard queen-size mattress, it comes with a dimension of 60 inches by 80 inches long. This mattress size is common for standard beds, especially couples, as it gives enough space and super adjustability in most bedrooms. Queen size mattress is even good for single sleepers looking for good comfort with full stretch rest on the bed.

The Advantages of Queen Size Mattress: 

  1. It ensures utmost comfort and rest.
  2. Good for couples and sleepers looking for complete body rest.
  3. Ideal in size that fits most of the bedroom and guest rooms.
  4. Give sleepers enough space to sleep.
  5. Budget-friendly and quality comfort mattress option.
  6. Allows single sleepers more space to rest, stretch, toss or turn.

The Disadvantages of Queen Size Mattress:

  • Heavyweight sleepers can feel a little narrow and less comfortable.
  • Not at all spacious for more than two people. Or sleepers/couples with pets and kids.
  • It Can be less comfortable and spacious for tall people.
  • Narrow for the couple who are in the habit of tossing and frequently turning during sleep.

King Size Mattresses:

If you plan to pick the standard king-size mattress, it comes with a dimension of 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. Typically king size mattresses are available within two types, Standard King or Eastern King, however, with the same dimension. When we talk about space, it offers 26% more surface for sleepers than a queen mattress. The king-size mattress’s added width gives couples or sleeping partners worth of space and comfort. In fact, kids and pets also can join the bed with no fuss about sleeping disturbances and space efficiency.

The Advantages of King Size Mattress:

  1. Allows sleepers with greater space and comfort features.
  2. Let’s give couples sleep with their kids or pets without disturbance.
  3. Turning or tossing for sleepers is spacious.
  4. Good for master bedrooms and larger beds.
  5. If a single sleeper, full comfort, spacious sleep, and stretching body rest are easy.

The Disadvantages of King Size Mattress:

  • It can be a massive investment compared to a standard single, double, or queen-size mattress.
  • Needs a spacious room and a large bed.
  • Heavier than other dimensioned mattresses, so not ideal for smaller homes or apartments.

The Bottom Line:

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