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India’s 1st Customisable Mattress in a Box

Half & Half – Different Feel for Both Partners

Dual Feel – Gentle for Extra Comfort & Firm for Extra Support

The Cocoon introduces India to the revolutionary Half & Half concept. Depending on each partner’s personal preference, each side of the bed can be set to a different feel – Gentle or Firm. Both partners get exactly what they want, while sharing the same bed.


“Thoughtful Personalisation” – Our Brand Promise

In a category wherein every unorganized player claims to make you sleep better, the new societal insight is that every individual believes in her or his uniqueness and specialness.There is a greater impatience among younger individuals about things that don’t cater to me. With Sleepwell’s competitive advantage in technology, R&D and customization expertise to offer ergonomic solutions to individuals, Sleepwell promises “Thoughtful Personalisation” – Caring for you as your loved ones do. This though is best expressed through our Brand TVC “ Apney Wala Aaram” Sleepwell aims to have a deep understanding of the human body,with a constant pursuit to put it in its most comfortable form. In acknowledging that everybody is unique, the brand introduces a new idea of comfort. Sleepwell is brand that inspires people to customize their world from a comfort point of view, not just from an aesthetic one and thus aims to introduce products and services which have been designed keeping “Thoughtful Personalisation” in mind.



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Comfort Cells – For a bespoke sleep experience
Comfort Cell mattresses are designed with Integrated Core Technology, to give you proper support and alignment that is necessary and help in eliminating partner disturbances. The unique cell design maximizes airflow to keep the mattress fresh, while Special Edge Wall Design offers enhanced durability and seating support.
My Pillow – The perfect partner to the perfect mattress
Sleepwell knows that the perfect mattress needs the right pillow to truly bring comfort to life.That is why we bring you “My Pillow”, a range of customized pillows with enhanced neck support for the ultimate sleep experience. Our “My Pillow” range comes with options of “High Rise” or “Low Rise”, crafted to suit your exact needs.
Introducing Neem Fresche
Home furnishing, including mattresses, are about more than just comfort – they should bring you peace of mind.With new Neem Fresche technology in all Sleepwell products, you not only get perfect comfort but protection from allergies and skin problems, so that your home remains your complete haven.Protection against dust mites, skin problems, and breathing allergies
Remains effective even after multiple washes
All-natural, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly
Certified by U.S. E.P.A.


To bring our mission of perfect sleep solutions to as many people as possible, Sleepwell is proud to promote good health and serenity in daily life through the
Sleepedia initiative. Sleepedia aims to raise awareness on the importance of good sleep, keeping consumers informed about sleep disorders and how to combat them, along with expert advice on building healthy sleep habits to promote health and wellbeing.

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Economic Times Best Brands Award 2019

“BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR” by Zee Business Channel in the 2nd edition of their Dare to Dream Awards.

Reader’s Digest trusted brand award 2017

Reader’s Digest trusted brand award 2018


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