You know your body needs rest and comfortable sleep but are you getting worth of it. If you feel anxious and next-day tiredness, then there are many reasons, as claimed by the National Institute of Health. On average, many health experts came up with 7-8 hours of quality sleep to promote health in multiple ways.

Today, in this blog, let’s help you with easy-peasy sleeping hacks to get good night sleep and improve your wellness.

The Great Tips To Get Healthy and Better Sleep Every Night:

The significant evidence-based hacks for sleep are as follows:

  • Bright Light Exposure: Maximum exposure to natural light affects your brain-body cells and improves hormonal balance, thus let you sleep well. It keeps your circadian rhythm healthy, making your daytime energetic and night-time with better sleep.
  • Reduce Blue Light Exposure: Make sure to reduce blue light exposure, especially in the evening, to keep yourself near quality sleep. It will give your body and mind completely relaxation as it reduces hormones like melatonin. Thus keeping your laptop, smartphones, and tablets away is also good and recommended; that’s why.
  • Avoid Caffeine At Night: We know that caffeine has ample health benefits as it keeps the body focused, energetic and stimulated. Thus if you consume it at night, it can trigger your sleep, as it stimulates brain cells in the central nervous system, which might stop relaxing the body and keep you awake for longer. Even many health studies claim that taking caffeine up to 6 hours before you are going to bed can worsen the natural sleep schedule, thus avoid it at maximum.
  • Don’t Take Naps And Irregular Sleep In Daytime: Short power naps are quite good for health but can hamper your sleep schedule at night. Sleeping in the daytime can confuse your internal clock, which can make your nights sleepless and anxious. Longer naps of more than 30-45 minutes must be avoided in the day if you are concern about your health and sleep.
  • Keep Your Wake And Sleep Time Consistent: To be healthy, not only sleep is crucial, but your wake-up time is. Keep them both balanced and consistent every day, with align sunrise and sunset schedule. Poor sleep will highly affect your health, and even waking up late or too early can strike your wellness.
  • Take Your Health Supplements Properly: If you are concerned about the health and need to improve quality sleep, balance your hormones. Melatonin is the prime hormone that enures healthy sleep and tells your nervous system to relax. So if you are prone to a poor sleep schedule, then go for melatonin supplements (only under prescription). This is majorly used for people with insomnia to sleep faster. Keep the balance of other health supplements to sustain hormones and have a better sleep. Supplements such as ginkgo Biloba, glycine, valerian root, lavender, magnesium etc., are suggested by health practitioners to have improved sleep.
  • Say No Alcohol: Late night alcoholic drinks and cocktail must be avoided. Having a couple of drinks can spoil your natural sleep schedule and even disbalance hormones. It even increases snoring, sleeps apnea, and disrupted sleep patterns.
  • Good Bedroom Environment: So very precise to optimize your bedroom temperature, lights and bedding good for comfortable sleep. Keep your gadgets and noise away. If you are in love with reading books, you can do that. Let the lights of the bedroom make you feel cosy and relaxing. Do keep your bed clean and bedroom environment quiet for easy sleep. Keep your mattress, pillows, and bedding essentials tidy and comforting
  • Don’t Carve Late Evenings: Be good with diet and time to eat. Late night or late evening eating habits, especially with friends, spicy and heavy calories food can ruin your sleep. High carbohydrates, late-night snacks eaten can affect your sleep to a great extent and make your nights restless.
  • Keep Stress Away: We do have stress and anxiety but let them away from the bed. It can spoil your sleep and mood, directly or indirectly. Clear your mind with great positivity and calmness if you want easy and disrupted sleep for 8 hours. Adopt healthy relaxation techniques like practising yoga in the morning, go for a walk, adopt more healthy diet plans etc.

Final Verdict:

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