Drop your idea for sleeping on an old mattress. If it is creating more fuss on comfort, invest in new. Precise is to pick the new mattress that ensures your comfort needs and pocket efficiency. Nowadays, numerous options are latex, memory foam, hybrid, gel, innerspring, and more. While purchasing the mattress, the ideal is not to make the decision in hurridly, as later for years you can face much discomfort and body aches.

Take your time before choosing your kind of mattress. Check for its quality, support, firmness, and more features. The most popularly picked mattress type comes with latex and memory foam. So if you want any of that this time, then you are on the right blog.

Here we will be summarizing which one is best.

What is Latex Mattress?

If you want a lot of bounce on the bed, then a latex mattress is ideally meant after innerspring. Latex-based mattresses are made up of layers of latex foams, generally natural or synthetic latex materials. People do prefer latex mattress as it is budget-friendly, comfortable and highly durable. It allows you good rest and settles back easily to its original foam. Of course, a latex mattress guarantees good support and firmness for years.

The Types of Latex Materials Available For Mattress:

Natural Latex:

Comes from rubber trees and is used in latex mattress manufacturing within its purest and natural form. Due to its pure product manufacturing, natural latex mattress is hard to find, as fewer brands do manufacture it/ However is expensive as compared to other latex mattresses.

Synthetic Latex:

It is indeed the blend of materials with latex, thus known as synthetic latex. This primarly makes it more durable and comfortable. The availability of synthetic latex mattresses is reachable, as most of the mattress brands do have it. Synthetic latex mattresses are affordable too.

Dunlop Latex:

For extensive durability and retaining shape to its original, Dunlop latex is a heavy-density mattress choice. With years of use, the fuss on sagging and discomfort is not that easily strikes; it takes much over time from other types of mattresses available in the market.

Talalay Latex:

To have lighter density with reliable comfort, Talalay latex is ideal. It allows sleepers to have a maximum rest, holds optimum air, and keeps body temperature balanced. For hot sleepers, such mattresses are preferably suggested.

What Is Memory Foam?

NASA developed memory foam for its specific space program but later got popular and used in the mattress. Earlier, it was only for astronauts but is now used in mattresses, adding comfort to every sleeper’s life. Memory foam is a type of polymer that is known as polyurethane, allowing for air bubbles. Memory foam mattresses typically change their form when pressure is applied to them and comes to their initial stage. It will enable good comfort, however, deliver higher temperatures in bed. The memory foam mattress is softer and offers body relaxation. Other uses of this advanced foam are even done in helmets, pillows, and aircraft seats. Memory foam promises to distribute your body weight within balanced support and helps in pressure points.

The Bottom Line:

We hope your doubts about both latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are clear. Well, both types inherit their own advantages and disadvantages. It would be solely your investment for years to add good sleep and comfort to your life. Thus make your decision-making process more versatile and practical. The ideal is to ensure your sleeping positing, comfort needs, and budget requirements prior. To make your nights cozy and sleepy, pick the mattress type with medium firmness, good support, and durability as well.