The heavenly feeling in bed is possible only if you have a good quality mattress that delivers peaceful sleep. Yes! A good mattress gives comfortable sleep, which is important for physical and mental health. It cures body pain and buzz for sweet sleep for the whole night.

The Indian mattress market is all fledged with many brands and types, which might confuse you. The biggest struggle is with the right pick of the mattress, as it’s been a costly investment for many years. Buying a mattress can be challenging only if you don’t know much about it, else not sure about your mattress preferences.

In the blog, we will let you little help on top of most mattress types to have a comfortable sleep. It will help you have the best mattress with less confusion in a reasonable amount.


The Different Types of Mattress Available in India?

You can find a variety of mattress types in India by many brands; some are great in comfort, and a few can be cheap too. Thus you need to be careful while choosing the mattress. There are ample factors you should know, including personal preference. Here are the top pick mattress types below;

  1. Spring Mattress: These are one of the most common mattress types people invest in. The innerspring and metal coils must be high quality and deliver an excellent bouncy effect for years. It will help the body get good comfort and give equal pressure on body parts. The innerspring mattress can be excellent as a blend with a good comfort layer at the upper.
  1. Coir Mattress: The use of natural fibers like coconut husk etc., is used to make mats, brushes, and even mattresses. This is basically an outer husk of coconut fruit that gives the mattress good percolation of air and moisture, making it cool. These are primarily found in Indian mattresses and are firmer than other mattress options, as added with a thin layer of foam. Of course, eco-friendly and organic mattresses. Moreover suitable for allergic people for comfortable and zero allergy risk sleep.
  1. Bonded Mattress: People looking for the best mattress options with reasonable comfort, support and firmness can have it. It is excellent in elasticity and gives optimum sleep for hours. Sleepers with back pain, body aches, and muscular stiffness.
  1. Latex Mattress: It can be of two types to pick from, natural and synthetic latex mattresses. The latex mattresses are comfortable, supportive, and durable. It gives a perfect natural surface for sleepers with maximum support and firmness. The natural latex mattress is hypoallergenic and provides better airflow. Thus you won’t be sleeping hot.


  1. Memory Foam Mattress: These are also known as visco-elastic foam mattresses, which NASA invented in the 1960s to cushion seats of airplanes. Later was used to cushion mattresses, footwear, and pillows. Memory foam mattresses give high comfort and reliable support but often can make you sleep hot. Over time, it gets softened and molded according to body shape in any sleeping position.
  1. PUF (Polyurethane Foam) Mattress: Polyfoam or polyurethane foam mattresses, in short, are known as PUF mattresses. These are budget-friendly mattress options in the market one can look for. However are not chemical-free, so they are not good for sensitive sleepers, adults, and kids. The petrochemicals in the mattress can increase viscosity and density but can degrade the quality easily with years of use. This makes them toxic to sleep, as off-gassing and skin allergies get common.

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Which Type Mattress Can Be Called As Best Then?

That’s a good question, of course. Your personal preference plays a crucial role in buying a mattress. The mattress material, the comfort level you want, its durability, and more factors are there. Therefore take time while choosing the mattress. Hey! Your sleeping position, like stomach, back, and side sleep posture, is also important. Before making any decision, go with a survey to check on trials and warranty costs comparing also.


The Bottom Line:

Making a purchase decision for a good mattress can be tough and tricky. Therefore checking on a variety of options is always suggested until you get confused instead of comparing. Whether you buy a mattress online or in-store, do a survey to invest in the right mattress. Check if you have a warranty, trail, and replacement if not satisfactory.

Over expense and low expense can be dangerous in mattress buying, so draft your needs on comfort, personal preferences, and budget. Obviously important to know other factors like durability, comfort level, firmness, and more.