When it comes to picking the best sleeping mattress, finding a variety of options can confuse you. Moreover, you need to keep specific points like quality, firmness, support, material type, warranty, comfort, etc. The popularity of spring mattresses and foam mattresses had made many mattresses buyer troubled to pick which one from both.

So to end such fuss on the mattress, we will be talking about spring mattresses and foam mattresses in detail today. Thus, helping you buy the right mattress for your comfortable sleep and relaxing experience on the bed.

What Is Spring Mattress?

Let’s priorly talk on spring mattress- as these are traditional mattress type, made up of metal coils, or steel springs. These springs or coils are finely attached/surrounded by layers of other comfortable materials like foam, memory foam, fiber pads, etc., ensuring excellent foundation support and comfort. Different types of coils are used in spring mattresses like continuous, Bonnell, marshal, offset, pocket, and more. Commonly spring mattresses are also known as innerspring mattresses, which promise to give extensive comfort, support, and bounce.

The Advantages of Spring Mattress:

  1. Improves Blood Circulation: spring mattress helps in good blood circulation, enhancing the health and quality of sleep.
  2. Promise Ventilation And Bounce: Coils in the mattress give good bounce and comfort. It even helps in adequate ventilation in the space between coils.
  3. Better Edge Support: It gives the mattress a longer life and good support. Moreover also supportive to sit and grip mattress which dressing up, or sitting on the floor.
  4. Durable And Reliable: Spring mattress ensures outstanding durability if manufactured properly by brand.
  5. Keep Body Temperature Balanced: coil used mattress helps balance body temperature and prevent accumulation, offering sound sleep.
  6. Affordable: The mattress cost for years is an important factor, and spring mattresses are a cost-efficient option. These mattresses are not only comfortable, durable, but also affordable for fixed budget customers.

The Disadvantages of Spring Mattress:-

  1. Lose Its Efficiency: Spring mattress, if not appropriately coiled, can loosen the spring support. Padding compressed fuss is another demerit.
  2. Heavy And Hard To Move: Spring mattresses are difficult to set up and are less mobile. Due to metal coils, the mattress’s weight gets heavy, making it a hassling task to move, clean, and shift.
  3. More Prone To Dust Mites: These mattresses are manufactured with layers of wool or bamboo fiber to be conducive to allergens such as dust mites, debris, etc.
  4. Motion Transfer: Major disadvantage of spring mattresses is they are motion transferable. Thus can disturb the sleeping partner on the other side with a bit of movement.

What Is Foam/Memory Foam Mattress?

The foam mattress is manufactured with multiple layers of polyurethane or polyol foam materials, with thickness variations. They offer great comfort and a perfect contouring feel. The memory foam mattress is precisely the best type that enures excellent comfort and coziness. For hot sleepers, memory foam mattresses are not ideal, as they retain heat greatly. However, the invention of a gel memory foam mattress is suitable and comfortable for hot sleepers to give cool and healthy sleep at night. Memory foam mattress offers good flexibility to adjust according to the body curves to alleviate back pain, lower back pain, muscular stiffness of shoulders, neck, and joints. They are good for spinal alignment providing enough lumbar support. Foam mattresses available can be of open-cell foam, gel memory foam, plant-based memory foam, etc.

The Advantages of Foam Mattress:

  1. PainKiller Mattress: Can provide relief to body aches, back pain, and muscular stiffness.
  2. Soft And Cosy: These mattresses are super soft and comfortable.
  3. Non-Disturbing: Such mattress never let your sleeping partner get disturbed, as never transfer your body motion in bed.
  4. Hypo-allergenic: Memory foam mattress good for people with skin sensitivity and allergies, as made up of natural fibers and non-toxic materials.
  5. Supportive To All Sleeping Positions: No matter you are a back sleeper, tummy sleeper, or side sleeper, a memory foam mattress is ensured of supportive comfort to all.
  6. Durable: These are durable and high-density mattress options available in the market with a span of almost 10-12 years.

The Disadvantages of Foam Mattress:

  1. Heavy and Bulky: This is a major demerit of memory foam mattresses, as these can be heavy and weighted bulkiness. Thus fails easy mobility and cleaning efficiency.
  2. Can Be Hotter Than Normal: Hot sleepers can feel less comfortable while sleeping in a memory foam mattress, as they are hotter already because of dense layers of foams together.
  3. Softer And Colder: Memory foam mattresses can be softer in summer than expected and hard in colder than expected. So can be a major fuss for people in both climatic regions.
  4. Expensive: Memory foam mattresses are expensive options for mattresses available in the market. Thus not every mattress consumer is likely fond of having it; however, low-quality memory foam is also available.


If you plan to make a huge investment in a mattress, then look for the best that suits your pocket and comfort simultaneously. Surprisingly the difference mentioned above between spring mattresses and foam mattresses will help you know about their cons and pros deeply. If still confused, visit the nearby Sleepwell dealer or store at your location for reliable help and authentic purchase on a quality mattress.