Depending on the size of your room, yours and the comfort desired by the size of the bed and its mattress will change. Indeed, a young child will not have the same needs as an adolescent or an adult couple. Before thinking about the type of box spring, mattress or even the style of bed frame you want, it is essential to look at the dimensions of the bed. Naturally, the larger your room (and your wallet provided), the more you can afford to buy a large bed. But some followers of large beds will still be able to choose a King Size bed, even if their bedroom is rather small, provided they ignore other bulky furniture. Together with this, you will need to consider the Sleepwell bed mattress price. Everyone has a choice!

Single bed-:

It is the “big bed” to which children are entitled, often from 6 years old. If it is then suitable until adulthood, adolescents and young adults quickly turn to a one and a half bed or more commonly to a double bed, when space permits. Indeed, beyond the single bed, comfort is increased.

Single bed and a half-:

The single bed and a half save 30 centimetres welcome in width. Thus, it allows more comfort than a traditional single mattress without encroaching on the space of the bedroom. It is ideal for those who sleep alone but like to have room.

Double bed-:

The classic double bed, with its 140×190 cm (or 200 cm) size mattress, is undoubtedly the most used and standard bedding. If you or the person with whom you share the bed measures 180 cm and more, bet on a model that has a length of 200 cm. These 10 centimetres will be precious. You should consider Sleepwell double bed mattress online shopping.

Queen size bed-:

For more comfort, many people turn to the Queen Size bed. Indeed, if the length of the foundation remains the same, it is in the width that this bed is more massive, ensuring real comfort to sleepers. Style-wise, the large couches look great and give an elegant style to the bedroom. It is, therefore, no coincidence that most hotels use Queen Size bedding and more.

King size bed-:

Personal comfort is assured in a King Size bed. Its generous width of 180 cm allows everyone to have their space, to sleep without hindering or being embarrassed and to enjoy a restful sleep. This is the one we recommend, but you have to provide the financial means and the space necessary to afford such bedding.

In general, we consider that you should choose a bed that is 15 to 20 centimetres longer than its size. So do the math! In terms of width, this will be at the discretion of each or both of the occupants of the bed. We change positions up to 50 times per night on average; two, it quickly figures. A certain width is therefore evident in order not to be embarrassed during the night and to have a space necessary for a restful night’s sleep and without incessant alarm clocks.

Those who have been accustomed since their adolescence to sleeping alone in a double bed can very quickly find themselves cramped, once in a couple. This is why many couples opt for a Queen Size or King Size bed, much more significant and therefore comfortable, once they share their nights.