Does the mattress have a hump in the middle? The hump is the common issue faced by mattress owners, leading to pain, uneven surface sleep, and lowers comfortability. Finding and fixing the hump in the middle mattress is important, but how? Before we conclude on fixing the hump, let talk about how it happens.

When sleeping for hours on one side (right or left), people, in general, make mattress (bed) sag from sides. Thus, keep the middle portion high and firm, causing a hump in a few years of purchase. Fixing of hump needs some considerable steps to flatten the middle part of the mattress and raise the sagging sides.

The Best Fixing Tips For Hump In Mattress:

You can even purchase quality mattress toppers and thick mattress pads from the market to avoid lumps, bumps, and humps while you sleep. Here are a few effective tips to help you with hump and bumps in the middle of the mattress.

1. Check Out The Support System Of The Mattress:

Just look under your mattress for its excellent support system if the sagging sides of damaged box springs need replacement or repair. Do peek if your bed is well supported by wooden slats or requires a change from metal ones. Check for bedsides’ support if it needs to be maintained or repair with an extra sheet of plywood as a solid surface.

2. Examine Your Mattress Wisely:

Do identify your mattress carefully with the lowest points. For this, lift your mattress and place pillows underneath to notice all low points. You can easily look for the sagging sides of your mattress and even the middle hump. Inflatable air bladders are an excellent way to keep the mattress a little lift from the side your mattress needs, so purchase it.

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3. Pick Mattress Topper:

You can try a mattress topper, especially if you have a memory foam mattress. Quilted pads, thick mattress toppers of quality material are great ways to keep the mattress out from the risk of the hump, bump and sides sagging.

4. Sleep In The Middle:

To avoid more hump and bumps, sleep in the middle of the mattress, not on the side (left or right). If you are uncomfortable sleeping with a hump, it is better to fatten it by sitting on the bed in the middle while reading, watching tv, gaming, listening to music, etc. This way, your mattress hump won’t last forever, and sagging-snuggle issues will also say bye.

 5. Keep Rotating Your Mattress:

Of course, a better way to keep the mattress long-lasting and maintained with support and firmness is rotating. You should rotate your mattress every six months. Fliping the mattress twice a year is a good way too. But some mattress can not be flipped as one-sided, so just rotate them periodically to avoid any hump, and lump, with side sagging issues. In fact, switching to sides will cross over the weight and help fix the hump in the middle of the mattress to a great extent.

Final Verdict:

Fixing of mattress hump can be easy and technically a smart way to improve the support and firmness. If you are planning to have a genuine Sleepwell Mattress purchase from an authentic Sleepwell Mattress Dealer. Never miss to visit the Mattress Showroom in Pandav Nagar and look for the best Sleepwell Genx 2.0 Mattress, spinetech mattress, memory foam, and other customized mattresses.