Having a peaceful sleep is very important for our health. It benefits not only our physical but also our mental health. Lack of sleep or restless sleep can make you feel tired and fatigued and make it difficult for you to concentrate. It can also make you feel irritable. To get a good sleep, you need a perfect mattress that is comfortable and cosy; the one that allows you to relax. When we enjoy a good sleep at night, our body repairs its cells from the wear and tear that happened when you were awake.

You can now get a peaceful sleep at night with Sleepwell mattresses. Sleepwell mattress in Meerut offers comfort cells in four series. You can give your spine the rest and comfort it truly deserves with the mattresses of different thickness.

Series 1.0 – 15 cm

Series 2.0 – 17.50 cm

Series 3.0 – 20.00 cm

Series 4.0 – 27.50 cm

The technology and features have evolved even when it comes to mattresses, and it is quite evident with Sleepwell mattress as well. The evolution and use of new technology make the mattresses better than before and further enhance your sleeping experience. You can find different variants in mattresses shops in Meerut. Here’s a look at some features of Sleepwell mattresses:

  • Impressions

We have imbibed the high resilience Flexi PUF along with memory foam technology by NASA, which helps in getting rid of stress and fatigue. It increases the blood circulation inside the body.

  • Nexa

Nexa is used for ultimate support and weight distribution, and it also offers amazing ventilation.

  • Latex Plus

You can now get maximum comfort by getting rid of the pressure points and enhancing stability.

  • Grace

The Grace’s pocket springs improve your overall sleeping posture.

  • Reflection

Get the comfort that your body needs with a scientifically engineered core.

Sleepwell offers mattresses which are called Softec, Supported, and Firmtec. They are further categorized as Activa, Admire, Inspire, Dignity, Premia, and Esteem. Sleepwell mattress in Meerut also offers a range of mattresses that are designed especially for back support. You can find them in the name Durafirm, Spinetech Air, Spine Plus, and Spinetech Air Luxury. If you have been facing back issues for a while, it is important to consider these mattresses for getting relief.

Tips for choosing the right mattresses:

  • When buying a mattress, learn about the different mattress material as different material makes it firm and soft.
  • If you have back or neck condition, you can discuss with your healthcare provider or physical therapist about the kind of mattress that you should buy.
  • It is always better to test the mattress by visiting a store before placing the order.
  • Think twice before buying very hard mattresses as they might not be the best.
  • Consider reviews and feedback of other customers before buying any kind of mattress.

If you wish to get a peaceful good night sleep, visit Sleepwell mattress showroom in Meerut.