A memory foam mattress: what is it? A layer of memory foam is combine with springs or another kind of support foam in this particular kind of mattress. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body using the heat from your body to offer customized comfort and support.

The mattress is also called “memory foam”. because it returns to its original shape after the pressure is remove and at the same time remembers your body shape, sleeping habits, and more.

Mattresses with memory foam are made of polyurethane. Due to the many features that this kind of foam offers, it is now widely used to create items like mattresses, pillows, cushions, helmets, and even mattress toppers.

Due to the comfort, it offers as well as the additional health benefits it promises, memory foam mattresses have become the preferred option among consumers.

Memory foam as an orthopedic mattress

If you have orthopedic problems and your doctor has advised you to buy memory foam mattresses online, you should consider your body type and choose the type of mattress that suits you best. Select a mattress that will enable you to relieve body pain. When dealing with orthopedic issues, people have been observe to favor high-density foam mattresses.

This mattress is specifically made for people with arthritis, backaches, and other conditions affecting the muscles, bones, joints, etc. The use of this mattress aids in pain reduction and improved sleep. Since this foam mattress does not retain heat, it keeps your body cool and comfortable.

Types of memory foam used in mattresses

Based on the appearance, feel, density, use, and manufacturing process, there are primarily two types of memory foam mattresses. In essence, each type is applied in a different manner and to a different range of objects.

  • Traditional/classic memory foam
  • Memory foam with cool gel

Traditional/Classic memory foam

The traditional memory foam mattress, the first memory foam mattress invented, is the most popular and most widely used memory foam mattress. It is constructed of the conventional polymer derived from petroleum. It is denser than the other types and has a very soft texture.

The best option for those looking for a mattress on a tight budget is a conventional memory foam mattress. The mattress’ high density traps body heat as it leaves the body. Because of its dense packing, it is more sensitive to pressure and heat.

And at the same time, it is very soft and feels very comfortable on your body. Additionally, it aids in easing body aches and joint pains.


Memory foam with cool gel

Gel memory foam mattresses are softer and offer more ventilation than conventional foam mattresses.

The spaces between these pillows and mattresses also contribute to their easy breathability. In difference to traditional foam mattresses, gel memory foam mattresses tend to hold their proper shape more quickly without having to hold body pressure for long periods. Therefore, this is your best choice if you’re looking for both comfort and support.

Benefits of memory foam mattresses

One of the many things that are crucial for your body’s wellness is a good night’s sleep. If you’re currently taking too long or having trouble falling asleep, it’s time to buy a new mattress. For many reasons, a memory foam mattress can be a good choice.

A good quality memory foam mattress has many benefits, some of the important benefits of memory foam mattresses are listed below:

  1. Excellent comfort

High-quality memory foam mattresses give you the comfort you need because they are made of a highly durable, temperature-sensitive material that responds to your body weight and heat.

  1. Suitable for all sleeping positions

All sleeping positions can be comfortable thanks to the mattress’s resilience. The mattress’s material adjusts and evenly distributes body weight to prevent sleep interruptions. As a result, whether you sleep on your stomach or your back, you will experience equal support throughout your entire body.

  1. Absorbing movement

How would you feel if your partner suddenly changed positions while you were trying to sleep? Such people benefit greatly from memory foam mattresses. Even if their partner moves around while they are both sleeping, they won’t notice any movement. Any disturbance is avoided because the mattress minimizes the effect of the movement and absorbs it.

  1. Reduced neck pain and back pain

The viscoelastic foam, also referred to as memory foam, encourages a neutral spinal alignment. It provides the support needed for sleep, relieves pain, and prevents aches and pains. Regular use of this mattress daily can provide relief from neck or back pain and limb pain.

  1. Hypo-allergenic

Do you frequently get allergies? If so, you might want to think about getting a memory foam mattress. The polyurethane material is resistant to dust mites and pet dander and repels any mold and mildew.

  1. Relief from stress or pressure

We are already aware that a memory foam mattress evenly distributes body weight over the sleeping surface. Your shoulders, back, hips, and other painful pressure points can be relieved thanks to a mattress’s feature.

  1. Provide personalized support

A memory foam mattress instantly provides you with personalized support and great airflow as soon as you sleep on it as it instantly conforms to the natural shape of your body.


Let’s look at how each type of sleeper is help by a good memory foam mattress to wrap things up.

The memory foam mattress contours to your spine if you sleep on your back and provides excellent lumbar support.

A memory foam mattress will help you distribute your body weight so that your hips and shoulders are not strain while you are sleeping on your side. Additionally, it helps to align your spine and waist.

The memory foam mattress also aids stomach sleepers by providing the support necessary to preserve neutral spinal alignment and lessen pressure on the lower back.